Gilberto Gil defeats my stomach virus

Talented, Squealing Gilberto Gil

After a terrible night of vomiting and emergency rooms (that’s right plural), it was time to fight my stomach virus with the Brazilian stallion Gilberto Gil. The Hogg Auditorium at the University of Texas at Austin provided the perfect intimate setting to forget about my ailments and enjoy my brother yelping along to each song.  He will also be performing tomorrow, March 25th, and I strongly recommend you attend (sick or not).

With limited mobility I decided follow a show with another show, The Usual Suspects.

The Usual Suspects

I found this movie to be extremely predictable. As my brother says, “it’s very unimpressive to show you a fake flashback.” He says also that if I mention The Usual Suspects “mention Rashamon which introduce the camera as a liar and the relativity of perspective in storytelling.” I suppose we all know what to add to our netflix cues.

My beautiful princess Nala

Now to go cuddle the love of my life, my pup Nala


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