The Holy Bed

lady bird lake

As my brother’s friend, Brandon Smith, delicately puts it, “the Kawalsky’s are notorious for moving from one bed to the next. They seem to just spend the entire day congregating in different beds.” Yesterday, I packed up three blankets, two pillows, Nala, Jared, and my latest read, The Septembers of Shiraz, and made myself a second bed next to Lady Bird Lake. A lazy day of lounging, reading, napping, and dog wrestling ensued.

live band karaoke

Later that evening, I convinced a crowd of ten to join me for live band karaoke at the Cedar Door. This experience changed my entire perspective on karaoke. Now let’s make it quite clear that I have a karaoke obsession. I can never turn down karaoke and until last night I thought regular karaoke was “the bee’s knees.” Now I know better and for anyone too scared to sing normal karaoke, anyone (and I mean everyone) sounds halfway decent when backed up by a live band. For those of you who already sound good doing karaoke, then prepare yourself for 15 minutes of fame. I got so caught up in the band and smoke machine that during my rendition of Sublime’s Santeria, I brought back the shimmy to stage performance.  Anyway, this happens every Thursday it seems, so if your interested head over there next week (2nd and Brazos).

Children of Men

Proving Brandon’s theory, I returned home and immediately got back into bed to watch Children of Men. I found this movie visually alluring but, unfortunately for Children of Men, I watched it the day after watching the Godfather.

nala #3


4 thoughts on “The Holy Bed

  1. I loved Clive Owen in Croupier. All I remember from Children of Men is one shot when they ride their bus into some kind of post-apocalyptic war zone and there are all these people making a racket in the background. I thought that was pretty incredible.

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