Weekends are for the Romantic

I spent this weekend engulfed in sunshine, good-eats, and movies.

Peace Park

First, I rediscovered peace park, a frisbee golfer’s paradise. The park included a long stretch of leash free trail that provided a heavenly relief from Nala’s terrible pulling. Flowers, tall trees, running creeks, and large hippies equates Peace park to one of the finer sites Austin has to offer.

After that, I met with members of my new girl band, Gwen and Lauren, to watch a girlie movie and eat Amys ice cream. (Sweet Cream + Strawberries + Marshmallows). We are currently taking suggestions for band names, so far we like Nuvaring, Neuvoring, or Princess Nala.

Cowboy Bebop

Fantastic Planet

I watched two animations this weekend that couldn’t be more different, Cowboy Bepop and Fantastic Planet. I found Cowboy Bepop a slightly less enjoyable version of Samurai Shamploo. Although, the music and drawing impressed, the story line was way too expected. Fantastic Planet, on the other-hand, told an outrageous and interesting story of humans as pets. The  beautiful artwork and intriguing story captivated while the music lacked.


Brunch at Fino provided the grand finale to my weekend, and I do mean GRAND. My meal of short ribs, truffel oil, egg, potatoes, and garlic gave me a complete out of body experience. I have never experienced such elevation brought on by food before. Thank you Fino!

Nala #4

Shoutout to Penguin Boy!


5 thoughts on “Weekends are for the Romantic

  1. Forget a picture of “this brunch”… We want pictures of this so called sexy Penguin Boy!!! It may not say sexy in the blog but we know Jenna wouldn’t give a shout out to someone not qualified as sexy 😉

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