Oh What Gluttony Coupons Can Bring

This week I rediscovered a devilish foe, the http://www.restaurant.com’s $2 coupons. Let me explain because it is actually an extremely useful website. The normal idea is that you buy a $25 coupon to a restaurant for $10, but they constantly have deals where the $10 you spend turns into $2. For example, if you were to go the website today and enter the promo code CHOW, you would all get $25 coupons for $2. Now the catch, you have to spend $35 at the restaurant to be able to use the coupon. Here enters gluttonous eating. Side note: Not paying full price for anything anymore reflects the effects of the economics downturn, not my inner Jewish nature.

Battle Royale

Lounging on an amazingly comfortable couch with Coconut, Pineapple Hagen Daz and chocolate, orange cookies, I couldn’t imagine being any happier. That was until the Japanese flick Battle Royale projected onto the wall in front of me. This creepy and, at times, hilarious flick depicts three peer’s battle to stay alive as they are hunted by classmates after being forced into a government-run experiment called The Program. Minus the occasional over-the-top gore, I really liked this film. I found out later that it is Quentin Tarantino’s favorite film and I can definitely see why.


To all my fellow Planet Earth fans, the new discovery show Life, Sundays at 8, exhibits the same astonishing wonderment seen in its older counterpart. Let’s face it, I can’t really tell the difference between the two. So I suppose those who feel like they could use a little more Planet Earth in their life, check out Life. I sure know I can.

south congress

Last night, I scoped out South Congress First Thursday, a mini, Austin tradition/festival held on South Congress. Basically, SoCo stores stay open late and every now and then provide free beer. Well let me tell you something this little tactic works like  a charm. I went in for the free beer and I left with an unnecessary belt. It’s as if the whole street’s cohort works to charm you in to purchasing completely unnecessary goods. I know after witnessing my roommate’s investment in an overpriced, red bandana that I am not alone in this. Walking away from the store where you can still reason and turn around to return the item, capoeira and drum lines cloud your judgement. Still great fun though.


As you all know about my obsession with the ancient art of Karaoke, I had to stop by the Cedar door again this week to wow the audience with my rendition of both 99 Red Balloons and Hotel California. The highlight of the night was watching John and Jared steal the set-list to prepare a song for next weeks performance. I can’t lie, I will most likely partake in that preparation.



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