A Very Sophisticated Weekend

Phantom of the Opera

Friday night, I experienced the enthralling Phantom of the Opera, being performed at the University of Texas at Austin Performing Arts Center. I adored every aspect of this production. The singing, costumes, set, and special effects connected me so well to the performance that I felt as if I was engulfed in a Disney movie. The wonderful feelings rushed back that were first inscribed in my memory when watching the Lion King or Alice in Wonderland. I wonder why lovers don’t make operatic songs to express their feelings. From now on if you want me to tell you that I love you, prepare to hear it in song.

After hearing about the Austin Bat Cave from a TED talk given by Dave Eggers, http://www.ted.com/ (riveting talks by the world’s brightest), I decided it would be the perfect way to spend my free days. Saturday, I went to the volunteer orientation. I expected to be able to tutor in math or any subject in which I am very well versed but quickly realized that they focus on creative writing. Normally this would cause me to back out and run away in fear, but, recently, I have a new attitude. If I want to give up on something out of fear, I must force myself to try it. So far this outlook proved to be very beneficial. So now I believe I will be tutoring creative writing at local Austin schools and at the facility itself.


Collecting Nala, 10 friends, 4 oranges, and 1 economist, I headed over to the, closest Austin will ever get to a beach, Greenbelt. This place overflowed with young, attractive people and dogs (very Austin). Nala, being the devious, fluff ball she is, would run into the water and come back into the middle of where we were all sitting and then decide to shake. Anyway, it’s a doggy paradise and a great place for people with little responsibility. Just be aware that you will get wet and dress accordingly.

New American Talent/Dance

This wonderful day ended with a giant bang, The American Talent/Dance Competition put on by Ballet Austin. This interactive competition


showcased the works of three emerging choreographers, Dominic Walsh, KT Nelson, and Nelly van Bommel, and was performed by the magnificent and elegant Ballet Austin Dance Company. As an audience member, you were meant to choose your favorite work. The audience’s choice receives $500 each night. Leaving the show, I could not muster the strength to choose. Each piece differed so greatly and all had such wonderful moments, it would be a cruelty to make me pick just one. Luckily, I was able to watch all three and feel the wonderment and inspiration of the movement. Dance is such a beautiful universal language and I feel so fortunate to be able to converse in it. Catch the last performance today at 3. You will not be disappointed. http://www.balletaustin.org/atb/natd2010.phphttp://www.balletaustin.org/atb/natd2010.php


One of my favorites!!


3 thoughts on “A Very Sophisticated Weekend

  1. The Austin Batcave thing sounds really interesting. I’m an English major/ education minor and sounds like something I would really benefit from being involved in.

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