lady in red A lot has changed in the four years since my last post. To sum it up, I now live in the Bay Area. I have a fiancee, two dogs, three chickens, and two gardens. I work in tech and like to tandem cycle. The rest will come out in these posts…

 SONY DSCThis Saturday we went on a tour of two Napa Valley wineries, Kenzo and Artesa. artessaSimilar in that they both provide hefty tastings, different in every other way imaginable. Owner Kenzo Tsujimoto, whose company founded Street Fighter and Resident Evil, created a $100 million winery that, unfortunately, resembles very little of the 1987 classic.

Yet, the privacy and intimacy of the grounds left very little to complain about. With moves that resembled early power combinations, we jigged through the dark, vast halls of the barrel cave. We soaked in the sun, sipped Yui Rose, scarfed down Bouchon bites, and obviously, pretended it was our home. We left grinning and full and five minutes later we drifted deeply and ungracefully to sleep.

shaw-forest-lumber-custoemrSunday I experienced my first Easter brunch. Being a jew, I am naturally envious of any holiday I cannot regularly take part in and this actually confirmed my feelings.    Cheesecake, hula hooping, cedar hot tubs, dyed eggs, heirloom tomatoes, and exotic champagne based cocktails made me realize I clearly need to embrace all holidays. What was Dimitry and my contribution? Corned Beef Hash- Happy Easter everyone, L’chaim!Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.02.59 PM


Sun shine and hula hoops

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